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Every certain time a revolution happens.
Is time for the Light Revolution
Dragon O is independent range pf product. Rain is linked to moonwalkers , eyes etc
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About Us

LedPulse is a company founded in 2012 by Danilo Grande (Colombia) and Benny Lai (Taiwan). Since its inception, it has had as a philosophy center applying Led technology in alternative ways. Create and apply technologies that conceive light as an element of creation. Their first patents are based on devices of elegant simplicity based on the activation of light by movement.


In 2016, they began a quantum jump by exploring more complex technologies and began to develop the DRAGON concept. 3DLED volumetric screens applying neural LED technology created by Kiril Pats and Powermos. Danilo Grande and Pats develop the first prototype. In the year 2017 Francois Hoertel joins the team to lead the software department. They develop Dragon 1, Dragon 2 and Dragon 3 during 2017 and 2018. In the year 2019 they present the Dragon O model. The most advanced volumetric screen in the world. Its presentation to the public took place at the SONAR art and technology festival in the city of Barcelona.

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    Technology illuminates our way

    Technology has no morals. We are the ones who decide how to use it and what path to take for its applications. At LedPulse we have decided to use technology to elevate the human life experience. To create positive tools that collaborate with the development of our gender using light as a format and a powerful element of collective creation.

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    Move to the light

    Now we are able to transform and manage the light like never before in history. The light is no longer just an environmental element. Light has ceased to be uncontrollable to be a fluid material that we can transform.

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    Explore beyond. Fear no darkness

    In LedPulse we accept challenges constantly that take us to unknown and uncertain areas. The teamwork and the conviction in our objectives have allowed us to reach places that we never imagined. It has allowed us to contribute and share important innovations and developments in the world of audiovisual technology.